Some facts about our favorite drummer Meto

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- Blood type is A
- Born on January 17th, the year is not known
- Is a fan of the anime K-ON! which he has several firgurines of on his desk
- Has 11 piercings and chest tattoo
- Is friends with Rem, the drummer of the jrock band Vanish
- Is friends with Sora, the drummer from the jrock band Dezert
- Is a Manga fan, not sure which specific titles he reads
- Appears to love sweet things, as he is shown eating them in many pictures
- Meto is a smoker, Hi-Life menthols
- All of his jewelry comes from a Japanese shop called DealDesign
- Much of his clothing is from an online store called ankoROCK
- It appears that he also plays either the bass or guitar
- Meto's height is 167 cm
- The other members of the band have all been in other bands or roadies for other bands, there is no information that Meto was ever a roadie or in another band. This might be his first band ever. Not known for sure sure.



- He was born on Dec. 22'nd at Takaoyama, Japan
- His blood type is B
- His favorite brands are Vivienne Westwood, LAZY HAZY PLANET
- His favorite cigarette is Philip Morris Super Menthol
- He has a total of 14 piercings (but that doesn’t include his left ear and belly)
- He has a tattoo MCCXXII at the lower left side of his belly and a number 2 to his right foot (which I think everyone knows about)
- He used to dye his hair since Elementary and the first person who helped it dyed was his mother.
- He used to be a strange child and even called wierd by his teachers and friends
- He had a lot of friends since childhood and always wanted to be the center of attraction around people
- He was actually liked by older people and made friends with senpais when he was in Highschool
- He wasn't really interested in music back then
- He started listening to music because of his father such as the COOLS
- He admitted of being bad on sports because he preferred kateika (home economics) in Highschool
- He liked sewing and even had a sewing machine
- He was into fashion since he was young and stated that he wanted to wear clothes that no one else would be wearing
- He continued to go to College after graduation but eventually stopped and worked in a clothes shop
- He decided to start making music after he got into a very serious accident that had him confined in an intensive care which also became a turning point in his life
- First bass he bought was a G&L L2000
- He wanted to play the bass because of his father and Koori
- He got into Visual Kei because of a band called SHAZNA
- When he decided to do Visual Kei it was also through his friends that introduced him to Tsuzuku
- His favorite phrase is Avant-garde! (which I also think everyone knows about)

Credit: ROCK AND READ Vol. 045

Admin's Note: Big thanks to Italian Slivers for translating the interview (from French). Again, pls. free to share! Thanks to other misc. resources such as tumblr, twitter. Haven't included here that Koichi grieved a lot when his beloved cat Mozuku died. Koichi also adopted a kitten recently aaand also, he said himself that he isn't into dating (sorry) so there! If you have any additional info pls. comment here freely thank you! BTW, I just found out that Tsuzuku had a band called DIS with Ken and Suzune (ex. And -Eccentric Agent-). I found an old cheki of them here with other ex. VanessA membas cool^^



- He was born on Dec. 15'th at Yokohama, Japan
- His blood type is O
- His favorite brands are CRAZY PIG, HYSTERIC GLAMOUR
- His favorite cigarette is Marlboro BLACK MENTHOL
- He has a total of 10 piercings (other body parts including his right ear and chest implant are not included)
- He has tattoos in his right fingers, a pentagram symbol in his left wrist, left chest and waist, arms and a butterfly tattoo in his back.
- He used to hate singing in the past but he liked to sing songs of Kinki Kids, Chemistry and Sex Machine Guns when he was younger.
- He started listening to music when he was into superheroes. His first CDs were the theme song of Eccentric Shounen Boy, “Gottsuee Kanji”.
- He's a total Kamen Rider fan 'til now.
- He's also a music fan and likes to listen to other JRock bands such as Dir en grey, the GazettE.
- He admitted of being a brat when he was a kid and even got into fights.
- He had been elected as a head of the student council back way when he was still studying.
- He likes to write and has a great talent with it.
- When he was in Elementary he got a certificate in writing and his work was even putted in a poetry book in their school.
- More than 90% of his lyrics are based on real experiences.
- He got into visual Kei when he went High school.
- The song “Butterfly” by Baroque made him decided to play in a band.
- He used to borrow live DVDs of Dir en grey, which changed his world in one go.
- He has an attached relationship with his mother who raised him alone.
- When he graduated in High school he got a job that his parents wanted for him but he quitted after a week and didn't tell it to them.
- He left home and went to Tokyo by himself but he had absolutely nothing.
- When VanessA disbanded he thought of quitting music and worked as a part time waiter in a restaurant.
- He had struggled a rough life before forming MEJIBRAY 'til it became a huge success.

Credit: ROCK AND READ Vol. 045

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MEJIBRAY Song Meanings

Credit goes to all MEJIBRAY interviews:

SHOXX Vol. 227
heresiarchy @tumblr
katatsumurikataomoi @wordpress

The following are based on Tsuzuku's interpretations. According to him most of his songs are based on his experiences and are love songs yet a bit psychotic especially in the album Slivers.exe. Tsuzuku's lyrics are close to poetry too.

Sliver - It's a creature from Magic. A Gathering who, when alone, has weak defensive power, but in a group, it increases the power and defend all members. The lyrics were written combining that with the real facet of human personality, of becoming stronger for someone we like.

DISTANCE.exe - About the feeling how you can never feel happy when you have something unobtainable.

FACT: According to Meto "Kore wo izon to yobu nara" is the song where he put most emotion into drumming that he ended up crying and likes the fade out in the end. Tsuzuku said that the song is non-fiction so basically it's based again to one of his experiences. The song "Crazed Brain" is the most challenging song for Koichi in the album because of the bass lines. MiA's guitar solo for “Baby Crossing” is based on "Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki", which I don't have any idea what it is, but if someone can tell me pls. let me know! MiA said that because of Tsuzuku with this song he was able to show a new side of himself which I definitely agreed upon because he never did that to any Toon Factory or MEJIBRAY song. According to Tsuzuku he must be a genius for making that composition, which again, I totally agree with;)

Black baccarat - It's a rose that is not black, yet it's red is unbelievable close to black. In the flower language Black baccarat means eternal love or eternal death or hatred. But to sum it up it's really hating what you loved most.

FACT: The song "Black baccarat" is on the album Emotional KARMA which talks about the same downside. Tsuzuku doesn't tell what song it is on the album because he wants people to find it. My guess, EIPHILIA. Personally for Koichi this song is what he likes best and if you like it too you both have the same musical taste.^^

*In the song Hakuraku the meaning of its beginning is linked to Sadisgate.

Itsuwari no Kamen/Jisatsu no Uta - About all the times Tsuzuku's been taught about things that matter and it's also a song about the worst time in his life.

Avalon - Based on the island where the legendary King Arthur went to sleep.

FACT: The shooting of the PV is down to the last minute according to Tsuzuku and about the artist picture for the AVALON look, he said he won't pose if it's not in front of a stained glass LOL but I think he still ate his words because instead of stained glass he still posed in front of candles ne?

D.E INCUBUS - "Man's nightmare." Derived from "Incubus" a demon, which is said to have sex with women while they sleep draining their energy.

DIE KUSSE - The german word for "Kisses." According to Tsuzuku it's like the sequel to "Emily" and it's about trying to move on to another love when one love ends.

Avalon - Refers to the place in the tale of King Arthur, where the sword Excalibur was forged, and he was taken to to heal his wounds after a battle.

Kokyuu - About expressing despair of missing a beloved person.

"Mors certa, hora incerta" from Karma -Gareki no Mantichoras- lyrics is a latin phrase for  “Death is certain, it’s hour is uncertain.” Mantichoras is translated as "Manticore" which is a Persian legendary creature.

My own interpretation for (based on the lyrics itself):

Crazed Brain - Two people separating. How much the other loves the other it can never change the way he lives his life.

Kore wo izon to yobu nara - Or in english "If this is what you call dependence." What happens to a person being left by someone they love and only their memories remain when they're gone.

Baby Crossing - Literally the "baby" inside a mother's womb thoughts when miscarriaged.

Karma -Gareki no Mantichoras- - This song is philosopical. How certain death is when there's life.

Eiphilia - According to the lyrics "Even if this is a mistake..." So I think this is about forbidden love. Two people love each other yet the other wants them to hurt each other and end their relationship. Like what I mentioned this is the song Tsuzuku was talking about which has the same downside like Black baccarat's lyrics. Hating someone you love.

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